Another successful week of GTOPL pinball

Another successful week of GTOPL pinball as the gang travelled out to Georgetown to flip it out on Nick Angel’s immaculate collection. It is always so exciting to pull into the driveway knowing that you’ve made it, and that unique collection is just a walk away from your fingertips. The Sterns were sharp and the […]

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Thank you Brian and Marni for hosting lastnight. Thank you Stacey for the Cake. Thank you The Greater Toronto Official Pinball League!

Blog #2

Thanks everyone who came out last night and a special thanks to Andy for stepping in and saving the night with the last minute hosting when Bryan’s place was not ready. Bryan, we missed you, bud and other members that couldn’t make it. Looking forward to seeing everybody in the new year. I’d like to […]

Blog #1

I had no idea that pinball tournament existed until last December when I entered my first tournament and got addicted ever since it’s already the first December and I’m almost going to complete my 83rd tournament so far it’s very much like Rod Serling twilight zone as soon as you start playing the real world […]