Another successful week of GTOPL pinball

Another successful week of GTOPL pinball as the gang travelled out to Georgetown to flip it out on Nick Angel’s immaculate collection.

It is always so exciting to pull into the driveway knowing that you’ve made it, and that unique collection is just a walk away from your fingertips.

The Sterns were sharp and the Jersey Jacks perfect. The incredibly cool P3 Modular Pinball Machine was setup with the Final Resistance module , very impressive and the sound was pumping!

It was a night of fierce and friendly match play as we played our typical 6 rounds of head to head pinball. Everyone seemed to have a little twinkle in their eye from start to finish.

A big congratulations to Moe Daoust who swept the board in his first night at GTOPL and went a perfect 6-0!

Also a big thank you to Sam Flagellio from Player 1 who supported the pizza budget and also played with us on this fine evening.

Next Monday, GTOPL travels to Mike Faria’s arcade as we are already into Week 5 of the Winter season!

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